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Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Crackers

Appetizers, Vegetarian | May 24, 2014 | By

The best bagel I have ever had is the classic lox and cream cheese bagel (which I didn’t even know was called that until this year). Lox is actually just another name for smoked salmon fillet. It is part of traditional Jewish cuisine and is very popular in New York. Our bagel shop on campus has a variation of it called “the Nova Bagel,” that includes tomato, lettuce, and onion which is my absolute favorite.


At home, my mom and I made a variation of this delicious bagel in appetizer form. It can actually serve as a simple snack or appetizer or if you eat a lot of them like I usually do, it can even be considered lunch! They’re very easy to assemble so you can entertain your guests with an entire plate of them.


These delicious crackers are a healthier version of the lox and cream cheese bagel since there are less carbs. It’s also more fun to eat since the crackers are small and allows for easier portion control. The honey mustard sauce is the best part, making the snack irresistible!


(makes 5)

5 crackers (I used Carr’s)
Plain cream cheese
5 smoked salmon fillet pieces
Honey mustard-Dill sauce (you can either buy this in store or make from scratch)
5 pieces of fresh dill

Using a knife, smear desired amount of cream cheese onto one side of a cracker.

Place a small slice of smoked salmon on top.

Add several drops of the honey mustard-dill sauce on the salmon.

Top with a small piece of dill.